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Special gift - Receive a 15ml Day Complex on orders over $100



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Ocean landscape with edge of a volcanic cliff from the volcanic islands of the Azores


Our Day Complex will fit perfectly into your everyday routine! Receive a free 15ml Day Complex on orders over €100



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6 million years in the making

Ignae is born from the volcanic eruptions that created the Azores, an archipelago of 9 volcanic islands from where our key ingredients are sourced.

Ignae is born from the volcanic eruptions that created the Azores. Our active and key ingredients are sustainably sourced from this pristine archipelago of 9 volcanic islands. We harness the natural riches of this unique and delicate ecosystem, with its 26 active volcanoes, mineral-rich soil and thermal waters.

We enhance your natural beauty with powerful support for skin regeneration through our patented and trademarked processes that leverage the latest advances in biotecnology.

The remarkable natural conditions of the Azores give rise to the existence of ingredients with an elevated degree of purity and a unique composition – thanks to the salty winds, thermal waters and fertile soil. In this far-flung paradise, the nearest sources of pollution are more than 1,400km away.

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Try our AI Skin Analysis Test

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Our Elements

The pristine Azores is a rare luxury. The preservation of our island is a key focus of the local community with government policies to maintain the archipelago’s ecological purity.

The Azores is the world’s first certified archipelago by EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification for travel and tourism. This represents a strong commitment to preserve our environment and marine ecosystems and be recognised globally as a sustainable destination. The fertility of the volcanic soil, combined with the winter rains and abundance of water sources allow the Azores to have a rich, luxuriant vegetation.

Ignae is a clean beauty brand and formulated without parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes and formaldehyde-releasers, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, and triclosan, complying with all the strictest guidelines issued by the most relevant standard-setting retailers.

A pristine, natural view of  Lagoa do Fogo lake seen from the crater rim in the volcanic islands of the Azores

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