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Nature Enhanced

How Our Biotechnology Is Sustainable

How Our Biotechnology Is Sustainable

Our EPC Factor®  allow us to reduce, sometimes by more than a 100-fold,  the amount of natural resources otherwise needed, ensuring a sustainable relationship between ignae and the delicate environment around it. Being a biotechnology-led skincare company, it´s not just a way of developing more powerful products, but also a way to use Nature’s gifts responsibly.

Green Chemistry

Green Chemistry

At ignae, we embrace the 12 principles of green chemistry and use biotechnology in order to have a minimal impact on our beautiful, unspoilt archipelago. To avoid the intensive use of the natural botanical and marine resources, we created our proprietary clean and vegan  advanced liposomes and supercritical extraction technologies that require only small quantities of plants and algae to deliver high performance results.

With these proprietary technologies, we are able to use the Azore's best botanical products with minimal consumption of biomass, energy, and other precious resources. This enables ignae to develop transformational products without affecting biodiversity or the natural ecosystem.

How to Use EPC Factor®

How to Use EPC Factor®

Ignae’s proprietary, patent-pending EPC Factor ®  is the result of years of advanced research in the fields of applied sciences for use in clinically proven skincare.

The skin is the body's largest organ and designed by mother nature to protect and to keep elements out.  Most skincare products are not able to penetrate deep into the epidermis due to the molecular size of its ingredients.  

Our EPC Factor ® liposomes are nano sized and can therefore slip into the deeper depths of the skin.  It holds our plant & algae based actives encapsulated in an aqueous nano structure. It propels the regenerative ingredients all the way to the deepest layers of the epidermis, targeting damaged cells and is designed to work synergistically to transform and regenerate at the basal region of the skin, where new cells are also formed.

Due to the nano structured & aqueous base of our products, the texture is light and have a liquid feel.  Our products are suitable for all skin types as they are nano structured and absorbs rapidly into the skin.

In using ignae's EPC Factor® products, its important to always start with a clean face, giving the nanosomes a clear pathway to enter the skin. This way they can deliver our powerful plant based actives into the depths of your skin's dermis.

When layering products, please allow up to 1 minute between steps. This allows our EPC Fator® to be fully absorbed into your skin.

Welcome to the future of skincare!  

At ignae, we embrace the 12 principles of green chemistry and utilize biotechnology