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Blue Light Serum

Author - Ignae

Unfortunately, sunscreen’s UV filters are not so effective protecting our skin from this wavelength range. Nowadays, it is recognized that skin exposure to blue light generates free radicals, DNA damage and cell dysfunction. These lesions may lead to an increased melanin production, especially in darker skin tones and melasma prone skin, which may result in the development or aggravation of dark spots [2]. Additionally, blue light may induce collagen and elastin degradation, the skin components providing firmness and elasticity, while reducing the production and repair of damaged collagen. 

But what about our smartphones and laptops, with LED screens? The research around this topic is very limited. However, these blue light sources are not expected to have a significant impact on the skin, especially when compared to sun radiation, although it can contribute to skin damage in a cumulative way. Overall, blue light presents a relevant contribution to skin aging and pigmentation. Therefore, it is important to protect the skin also against this range of electromagnetic radiation.

At Ignae, we take blue light very seriously. Therefore, we have created the Blue Light Serum, whose formula has been enriched with antioxidant, soothing and restoring ingredients, thus being able to neutralize blue light effects, while stimulating cell repair mechanisms.

Ignae's Blue Light Serum

This formula is mainly composed of “Vale das Furnas” thermal water, from the Azores, rich in trace elements which are essential for cellular metabolism such as zinc and selenium. For an effective blue light protection, we allied Inula helenium and Calendula officinalis extracts, with antioxidant and skin defenses stimulating action, as well as blue light absorbing capacity, thus reducing the negative effects from this radiation by a triple mechanism. Additionally, the ectoin allows to protect the skin from UV-A radiation and pollution, which has proven to exacerbate sunlight effects [3]. To further enhance the protective effect from this formula, we included our patented antioxidant complex including three encapsulated natural actives from the Azores: Criptomeria japonica extract, epigallocatechin gallate, from green tea, and phycocyanin, from the cyanobacteria that inhabit volcanic waters. And because a healthy skin needs moisturization, Blue light serum also contains four distinct hyaluronic acid molecules, with deep, medium and low penetration, as well as panthenol and aloe vera juice, which repair the skin barrier after sun exposure.

Overall, this formula is the perfect complement to your sunscreen protection, a blue light, pollution and free radical shield. You can use it every day, by applying our serum, or as a sheet mask, for instant hydration, protection and repair, especially after sun exposure.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a portion of the electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. It performs remarkable biological functions, such as the regulation of the circadian rhythm, the biological clock which balances sleep and alert cycles [1]. Moreover, blue light has been successfully used for the treatment of several skin diseases under medical supervision. 

However, a few years ago blue light emerged as a growing concern to the scientific community, as the accumulated skin exposure to blue light may result in long-term damage. The reason is simple: Blue light wavelength varies between 400 and 500nm, which makes it less energetic than ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the main cause for sunburn, melanin production and skin cancer development. But blue light and ultraviolet radiation are very close in the electromagnetic spectrum, which led scientists to suspect that blue light could also raise concerns. In fact, and despite not being so harmful, blue light has a greater ability to penetrate the skin surface, windows and clouds, reaching the skin deeper layers all year round.

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