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Why We Love Serums!

Author - Ignae
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We love serums because with a small amount of product, it can meet the needs of different skin types and concerns without changing your current moisturizing and sun protection routines.  

Day and night, the skin is exposed to your physical environment, climate, and even emotional stimuli such as stress, can all influence the metabolism of different skin cells throughout the 24 -hour day. In an urban environment, pollution & exposure to artificial light can affect the natural metabolism of our skin cells, compromising their circadian cycles, protection and repair. Therefore, our skin care routine should be adjusted to offer distinct benefits depending on which stimuli your skin will have to face next.

The skin was designed to protect and “keep things out”.  This is why we crafted our EPC Factor, biotech patented nanosomes, that act as a delivery vehicle to penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis, to deliver our pure ingredients to the deeper depths of your skin for more a profound and rapid skin regeneration from our super charged serums!

Ignae’s Regeneration Serum, for morning use, concentrates a range of biomimetic ingredients with antioxidant action, which work synergistically to offer superior protection. It contains firming, moisturizing and soothing actives, which are capable of offering the skin a smoother, more uniform appearance and luminous from the first application. For this formulation, we chose the thermal water from the Furnas Valley in the Azores, which is rich in selenium, zinc and other trace elements which are essential for cellular metabolism. This product acts as a protective shield thanks to our patented antioxidant complex of natural actives from the Azores, containing the extract of Criptomeria japonicaand Epigallocatechin gallate, originating from green tea.  In addition, this formulation contains a combination of vitamin C, ectoin and carnosine in clinically relevant concentrations that protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, while strengthening its barrier function against the outside environment. Its combination of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with lactobionic acid, a mild exfoliant with antioxidant action, leaves the skin smoother and brighter.

Ignae’s Rich Night Serum, is a clean beauty alternative to Retinol and is suitable for the night routine. Its main ingredient is bakuchiol, a natural active originating from the Psoralea corylifolia plant, which has shown to stimulate the expression of genes that are also stimulated by retinol, a gold-standard in anti-aging care, without causing the undesirable effects associated with retinol. Our Night Serum, unlike retinol, is safe to use for pregnant women and nursing mothers and aims to promote skin regeneration during the night period in which there is a lower load of environmental aggressors. With a nourishing texture, our serum leaves the skin hydrated without feeling greasy. This formulation stands out for its content in camellia, rosehip oils and squalane, with emollient and repairing action, as well as for the inclusion of vitamin E and coenzyme Q10, which are proven antioxidants.

The combination of these 2 powerful serums, powered by EPC Factor, are able to satisfy your skin needs throughout the day, protecting its cells from day-to-day pollutants, and stimulating their metabolism and repairing action according to the natural circadian cycle.

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