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How to place an order at from China?

To place an order, add the products in the shopping cart and click the Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) button to proceed to checkout.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by Alipay and WeChat Pay, please select the Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) button at checkout.

Who will delivery my parcel?

China orders are carried by SF Express International, shipped from UK to China directly, customs tax and duty are included in the total price, please select the Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) button at checkout. 

What is Nomad (东西海淘) button? 

Nomad (东西海淘) is the solution provider that facilitates to offer Alipay, WeChat Pay, as well as SF Express International customs clearance. If you visit this site from China, or your browser language is set to Chinese, you will see this button when you checkout your shopping cart. 


What are the benefits of using Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) on your site? 

  1. Alipay, WeChat Pay - Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) allows you to use Alipay or WeChat Pay when shop on overseas websites.
  2. SF Express International Direct Shipping - Nomad (东西海淘) enables your order to be delivered by SF Express International, and it will be delivered within 5-10 working days.
  3. Sunny Customs Clearance - Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) allows you to prepay customs duties, you don't need to worry about parcels arriving at customs being detained or you are required to pay any additional duties.
  4. Lower tariffs - Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) uses a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce tax rate, which is about 50% lower than the ordinary postal tax (import tax).

What is Sunny Customs Clearance? 

Sunny customs clearance means that consumers pay " cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) comprehensive tax " in advance when placing an order on a cross-border e-commerce site, and the parcel will be automatically cleared after it arrives at the customs.  

This shipping and customs clearance service is carried by SF Express International. The tax rate is about 50% lower than the ordinary postal tax. It does not require the consumer to go to the customs to go through the clearance procedures in person. The parcel will be cleared quickly and automatically at the customs, and there is no need to worry about any additional taxes and fees. Customers will only need to wait for the parcel to be delivered after successfully placing an order.

What should I pay attention to?

  1. When you place an order, please be sure to use your real name (in Simplified Chinese) that matches your National ID card. And make sure that the person who places the order is the same person who make the payment, which means the personal information entered in the order form is the same as the personal information tied to your Alipay and WeChat Pay.
  2. If the recipient and the payer are not the same person, or the ID information entered is incorrect, it may not be possible to pass the customs clearance, resulting in the cancellation or return of the order.
  3. Customs requires that the quantity of goods of the same specification that you buy at one time must be within the scope of personal use. We recommend that the same products in an order do not exceed 6 pieces.
  4. Note that your order is only for reasonable personal use. We recommend that each order should not exceed RMB 5,000, and the total amount of each recipient's orders should not exceed RMB 26,000 per year. You can follow the "Handheld Customs" WeChat mini-programme to check your CBEC annual allowance.

Will my parcel get taxed by customs? 

Using Nomad Checkout (东西海淘) means that you pay tax and duties in advance, that is, the total order price includes import tax and duty, and you will not be taxed by the customs again. 

How long will it take to receive my parcel? How to track it? 

Your parcel is shipped from the UK and will be delivered to you within approx. 5-10 working days. After the order is successfully placed, you will receive a mobile text message to confirm the order, including the tracking information. 

How are the tax and duty calculated by Nomad Checkout (东西海淘)  ? 

Nomad Checkout uses the CBEC comprehensive tax rate. It will be different in different product categories. For details, please refer to the CBEC tax rate. Majority goods of Ignae are in the 9.1% categories.  

How is the shipping fee calculated by Nomad Checkout (东西海淘)  ? 

Your parcel is carried by SF Express International. The standard shipping fee is approx. RMB 90 (subject to daily fx).  There are regular shipping promotions, please check it on our site regularly. 

Why do you need my phone number? 

In order to ensure that users are authentic, we need you to register and verify your Chinese mobile number. Please rest assured that we will ensure the security of your personal information. 

Why do I need to provide National ID information? 

SF Express International conducts customs clearance on your behalf, so you need to provide corresponding National ID information to cooperate with customs clearance. Please rest assured that we will securely store your personal information and use it only for customs clearance purposes. Unless we notify otherwise, you do not need to submit your personal information again under any channels and circumstances. 

Can I ask a friend to pay for it? 

If you ask a friend to pay on your behalf, you will not be able to clear customs in this route, it may cause the order to be cancelled or returned. Please refer to the precautions 1-2 above . 

How do I return or exchange a product? 

If you need to return or exchange your order, please contact the authorized customer service agent in China by email, or dial 15921903778. You can also contact after-sales care in Nomad Checkout (东西海淘)WeChat mini-programme.

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