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How to Use Nanosomal Skincare

Author - Ignae

EPC Factor®

Skin is the organism’s first line of defense by establishing a barrier between the body and the outside and preventing the entry of foreign elements. But despite being beneficial for our survival, it also poses a great challenge to our skincare products which are intended to reach its deepest layers.

Therefore, at ignae we decided to go further in our research, developing the patented EPC Factor® technology, with an antioxidant action superior to that of vitamin E, and the ability to speed up the healing process on damaged skin, while protecting the encapsulated ingredients. The EPC Factor® technology consists of liposomes with nanodimensions, which are capable of providing the encapsulated ingredients deeply through the skin, while contributing for maintaining hydration. Therefore, the formed vesicle allows for the effective the transport of epigallocatechin and our Cryptomeria japonica extract, originating from natural plants in the Azores, as well as sodium hyaluronate, similar to that found in the skin. We chose to use phospholipids’ liposomes to deliver our ingredients because these molecules of 100% plant origin are similar to human cell membranes, while having a structure that allows them to be simultaneously attracted to water and oil, being quickly absorbed through the skin. Moreover, and unlike traditional encapsulation methodologies, ignae has developed a process which is free from environmentally harmful organic solvents. 

However, in order for the skin to enjoy the benefits of EPC Factor®, it is necessary to adopt a special skincare routine. Before applying ignae formulations containing EPC Factor®, it's important to start with a clean and exfoliated face so the liposomes can reach their deepest cellular targets. Therefore, our Daily Enzyme Cleanser is the EPC Factor®’s best friend! We also recommend that you apply ignae care with EPC Factor® right after cleansing, and then wait about 1 minute before proceeding to the next layer. Take this time to get dressed, apply your eye cream with a draining massage, or to perform breathing exercises, making your skincare routine a relaxing moment.

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